Award Winners 2018

Mark Burrow - Sunset Player of the Year
Kris Greaves
Glass Slipper
Pete Lovell
Silver Bail
Steve Broome
Golden box
Martin Howe
Roger Harris Players Player
Kris Greaves
Tom Graveney Bat
Steve Halkyard
Bernie Wilson Bowling Salver
Matt Cowley
Peggy Wilson Sportsmanship Shield
Simon Wooster

Winners from previous years

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(Original) Mysteries of the trophies explained from the 2000 edition

Mark Burrow Trophy
(I though it best if i just copied the explanation as per the 2004 edition by Howie)
It is made of oak and the three panels depict fielding, batting and bowling. I also tried to incorporate Mark's nickname "ZIM". The first panel shows the fielder with his body behind the ball. I tried to get a likeness of Mark, with his blue cap on, from the team photo taken at the Valley of the Rocks. The lower body is the "Z". The second panel, showing the cricket bat represtents the "I" and the third, showing the ball taking out the middle stump, is the "M".
The top of the trophy holds a cricket ball that is held in place.
The shape of the roof is meant to show the Sunset emblem on the suns' rays and, of course the three corner posts are cricket stumps.
The unpolished base takes the stuck on or nailed brass plates and the felt colours underneath, i am sure you can work out.
Roger Harris Players Player Donated/Presented/Given/Forced unto us from our most esteemed President ever. It is awarded to the player that has consistantly over the period of the season turned up mostly on time, at the right ground and being a good egg.
The Glass Slipper Priceless cut crystal shoe, circa 1830, previous owner Cinderella. Awarded to the player of the year. Simple as that. Most runs scored, most wickets taken, most catches taken. Whatever.
The Silver Bail Cute silver plated bail representing youth that can grow and prosper…..For proud fathers and modest sons.
The Middle Wicket Plate Phallic wooden object, possibly of Bodmin origin and donkey dimensioned. Awarded to the most improved player. Looking here at potential. Boy done good getting gooder.
The Golden Box Phallic plastic object, early Egyptian and originally used as a dish for storing nuts. Non specific trophy. Awarded for Services to Sunset CC.
The Wilson Woman Fast becoming the most sought after trophy. Sensuous. Originally presented on the whim of Wilson for the Seasons Champagne Moment. Usually won by guys who live alone.
The Pink Stump If you know the explanation please tell me
Kangaroo Scrotum If you know the explanation please tell me
The Peggy Wilson Sportmanship Trophy It was given in 2008 to Sunset in memory of our first President , Peggy Wilson, who always encouraged fairness and sportsmanship during our matches,  
as she thought it would give the club a good name and therefore encourage more players to play, which in turn would make the club stronger in the long term. 
So this trophy is awarded to players who have, during the season, shown acts of sportsmanship and fairness towards the opposition and to their own team members.
The Moo Cup A contest between two continents where the rules change every year depending who is winning/losing etc. Between Cam (Australias' new cultural representative ) and Wolfie (Englands finest)
Tom Graveney Bat Presented in 2003 to Sunset very kindly by Jim Knighton the then Landlord of the The Maltsters Arms in Woodbury where Sunset would retire to after the home games at Woodbury. It is still the favoured venue of the Awards evening every November kindly hosted by Matt (Jims' son) and Sam.