05 Jun - Hold the Press

We win at Lynton. Batsman scores many, many, many runs. Read all about it in the Sunset Strip in November 2017.

31 May - Round Up

Although fixtures have gone a bit awry at this present moment in time the Sunset spirit is still shining strong. We have had some excellent performances with the bat from Tom and Simon and many, many cameo's. The bowling has been steady yet it seems the opposition batsman have been able to up their game this season. Strange. Anyhow, the Exeter Chiefs are champions of something and Exeter City went to Wembley and will be playing football again next season. Plymtree tonight, could this be the turning point.

28 April - V Gerriactrics

A tie. Yep a tie. Good game, Sunset batted first with Tom and Easy Life opening who quickly put on a lot of runs in a short time. Altogether we posted 125 off 20 with some good accurate bowling from the Gerriactrics. Eric and Cam opened with the first 8 and were very stingy. Anyway 125 was achieved in the final over off the final ball. Well played all.

23 April - Sunset V Dartanians.

What a start to the season. A victory with only 9 Sunsetters. Dartanians scored a very respectable 264 off their allocated 30 overs and Sunset knocked them off with 1 and a bit overs to spare. Beast 76, Davy Mason 56, Tom 51 I think and contributions from Chalky, Rob Jones, Wolfie, Matty C. Gerries next on friday. See you there.

07 March 2017 - Another year another season.

Happy New Year Sunetters. Hope you are all in pre-season training, and just to give you that little bit of an incentive here is a message from Sir Bernie of Exeter

Good evening all,
the season is fast approaching and Sunsets nets, 2 lanes booked, at The University Sports/ Cricket centre start on
Tuesday 21st March from 2000-2100 , 8 to 9Thursday 6th April  from 2000-2100, 8 to 9Wednesday 12th April from 2000-2100, 8 to 9Thursday 20th April  from 2000-2100, 8 to 9.
As there are 2 nets for all the above sessions we have to restrict the numbers batting to 6 per net,
so can you have  a look and choose 2 dates you would like to attend and let me know as soon as possible.
They will be allocated on "a first come" basis and as per usual you are all very welcome to come along and just bowl
and then go for a beer after.
So I will look forward to hearing from you very soon
all the very best 

Bernie Wilson

There you have it troops. Off we go. Only 7ish weeks until the first game

04 July - The Season so far
First of all a little piece of history. The original Declaration of Independence was actually the 2nd of July. Eight of the original signers of the Declaration were born in England. Ben Franklin wanted the National Bird to be the TURKEY, common sense prevailed and the Eagle won.
Ok then, we have played lots, drank very lots and laughed even lotters (???). The Sunset "Ethos"has been good and all games played have been in the spirit of the game. There have been many players turning out, lots of good batting and bowling and the fielding is, well, err, kind of, steady shall we say. The tour to Lynton went well and a good game was had there, the Branscombe memorial game was very well attended and appreciated by both sides.
We have very busy July and August cards followed by the Charity Match and Cornwall tour in September. A lot to look forward to and the injury list is getting smaller all the time. Onwards and Upwards Sunsetters. Oh, and a great big mention to the SWAGs always turning up and supporting the Olympian efforts of Sunset. Laters all.

18 April - The Dawn of New Era
Greetings fellow Sunsetters. We had our first outdoor net yesterday against the dashing fellows of the Dartanians, guardians of Stover School near Trago Mills.
The team: Berns, Tom, Steve B, Kris G, Bonkers, Chris Hatt, Rossco, Matty C, Indy Jones, Rick "mad Jock Mac Jock Jock" Dew and Chalky.
A lovely tea was provided, the weather was lovely, massive support and a lovely setting.
Now remember this was the opening fixture, so the only way is up (thanks M People) and it was enjoyable.
The result is not the issue but Sunset once again played in our traditional fashion. We hit the ball, we caught the ball (well Tom did) and we took some wickets and the barrel of beer provided at the end of the game by the opposition was excellent. Gerries next, what could possibly go wrong..............................................

22 Feb 16 - Happy new year Sunsetters.
Please have a look at the fixtures page as there has been one or two amendments to do with Pinhoe and Argyle Road. Additionally put your name down for the Branscombe memorial game for Sunday 12 June if you can make it, and a whole bunch of support would be great as well.

29 Dec 15 - Website has lots more content and some of it is truthful
There is now a new area of the website called "The Bar" where you can find all sorts of stuff about the club.
Hope you all had a happy christmas and Santa brought what you wished for (except Roger as that is just disgusting and probably bordering on illegal)

23 Nov 15 - Under new management so listen up


El presidente, gents, cricketers, honoured guests and last but by no means least ladies.

On which subject that serves to remind me of Dennis Norden’s comment that this is a strange time of year for the really keen cricketer............................as it’s when you discover that your wife left you in May.

So I am very glad to see that some of you made it back tonight – welcome The Swags.


I am honoured to be asked to be your Chairman. I wish to reassure those that might have been considering themselves as potential future candidates no need to worry as it is not essential to have had a near death experience to qualify. ‘Chair man’ does though befit my new found activity level. Perfect timing.

I am of course very nervous about the prospect of standing up to say these few words - in case that is that Malcolm had invented an ‘inauguration ritual’ for me – not of course at the prospect of chatting with you lot though I did very briefly consider that popular current advice to view your audience as though naked – not brief enough – yuk!

Thanks to Malcolm your outgoing chairman.



Now is an appropriate moment to remind ourselves of why we continue to be a successful club when many around us are struggling – OUR ETHOS – And it took an Irish team to beat us at our own ethical game and they made a lasting impression on many of us as a gallant troop of gents. So we remind ourselves

how to play cricket the Sunset way

And in the light of our experience with the Irish lads I propose we add

When the game is over

And the drinking has begun

Let us drink together boys

As though we both had won


Sadly though there are two aspects of Sunset cricket that are sadly lacking – I can hear you all now – yes you know the answer to the first....

But can you guess the second..........................................

In this world of political correctness gone mad there is a tide that like all tides is impossible to resist so we must embrace this opportunity as part of our drive for new members, and I use that term in it’s broadest sense, to ensure that Sunset’s sunset is deferred. So we each need to find ways to encourage members of the opposite sex to don whites. I understand that Bernie has already been active on this front...............more later he says so..........................let the mysterious process of Sunset enrolment continue.

I am available of course to interview suitable candidates and hope the examples below are useful.




15 Nov 15
The evening after the night before.
For everyone who attended the Oscars last night at the Matsters Arms in Woodbury give yourselves a big round of applause it was as fantastic night again and so many thank yous' to all that organised the event.
The 2016 Fixtures are up and running from here or from the memu bar on the LHS.

Addottionally i wil be putting new pages on here such as past results and player statistics but that will be a work in progress.

Matty C is the new Social Rep so if you have any ideas for a Sunset get together like a Xmas Swim-a-Thong at Exmouth or Sunset Choral Society let then let him know.

We have a new Chairman: Out goes Malcolm Bowen and in comes the ever youthful Rob Jones.

A great night and Cam won the coin toss and England cricket hat.

Remember this handsome devil with the Olympic Torch?



Sunset Cricket Club logo
Rozzy enjoying the Newton Poppleford Sun